Thanks for stopping by! My name is Abbie. My hubby, Justin, and I have been married since 2010 and we have two kiddos, a boy and a girl. Aside from being a full-time Mom (which I enjoy most days) I also work part-time as a Dental Assistant. When I’m avoiding the mountains of laundry piled up in the hallway or trying to ignore the inch-thick layer of random findings that has collected on the floor since sweeping the hour before, you can find me reading to or crafting with my son, rocking my baby girl to sleep, gardening and enjoying the outdoors or reading the latest book or article on minimalism/essential oils/avoiding chemicals/homeschooling/environmental stuff/things that most people raise their eyebrows at.

I also love exercising my creativity in the kitchen. Our family tries to eat organic, gluten free, vegan and sugar free as much as possible at home. By “try” I mean, I buy good, healthy ingredients, make great snacks and work really hard at making great gluten free and vegan meals with the best intentions and then, more often than I would like to admit, we buy half a dozen Timmy’s donuts after the kids go to bed. So we are far from perfect in this endeavor. But we try to eat this way (the non-donut way) as much as possible for a reason- not only do we believe that it is best for our bodies and for all the other creation, we have also seen first hand the way that it affects our bodies (including our mood) when we don’t eat that way. (Yes, I do get donut “hangovers” and tell myself I won’t eat them again, and yes, I do eat them again). Perhaps the day will come when I can make my own vegan, gluten free donuts at home (and put our own kids through college instead of Tim Horton’s grandchildren)- or maybe a gluten free vegan bakery will open up close to our house so we can put their kids through school- but that’s just not the case at this point in time. The important thing is we’re trying, and every recipe I create brings us closer to where we want to be.

As for the name- I was first introduced to the latin phrase “Coram Deo” in 2009. Coram Deo means “In the presence of God“. The phrase resonated with me at a time when entering into God’s presence was synonymous with going to church and having quiet time. As I realized that God is always present with us and started to be consciously aware of Him throughout my day, it started to change the way that I lived. Coram Deo was two small words that echoed a great reminder that we are at all times in God’s presence and what a great form of worship our life can be by choosing to enter into the blessing of His presence. Again, I am far from perfect- but it’s a great encouragement to reflect on those words and be reminded that Christ meets us right where we are- dirty floors, crabby attitudes and all. When wanting to blog about life, food, creation care and healthy living, the best way to sum it all up is to say that it stems from the desire to consciously live Coram Deo- to live conscious of and in the Presence of God- and thus, here we are.